'Barney and Robin, Lovers for Ever and Ever and Ever: A Love Story'

Less wise, more dangerous.





フクロウのクウちゃん、水浴びから乾燥まで / Screech Owl having a bath and then being dried.

oh my lord I’M screeching aaaaaaah

that is greesh owl

greesh owl getting a bath and then getting dried by mistah

It’s worth watching the video of this because it may be the most perfect thing on the internet.



Snuggling cockatiels (source)



Reindeers are better than people.


A cold weather lesson from Sven. x



Can I just say that I love how they animated Elsa’s hair. Like:

It actually moves the way it should in the wind

It’s not perfect Disney hair, it gets messy and tangled

minus the fact that it automatically fixes itself I call ice magic on that it moves very realistically.


Fangirl Challenge: 7 Heartbreaking Scenes/Moments | “My Lunch” (Scrubs)

Right then, I knew I was going to pull him out of this. But unfortunately, sometimes the hospital picks a day where it’s just going to pile it on.